What Works : “Brain-dead Texas woman taken off ventilator”

This story immediately had me drawn in.  I’ve been following this women’s story since I had first seen it on Twitter, as it had been tweeted about by none other than Cosmopolitan magazine.  Although I do not consider myself someone who is hugely interested in gender issues, I felt that as a woman I needed to follow this story.

What makes this story so huge is impact.  Gender equality has obviously been a huge issue through out the history of our country.  It’s shocking that our country is still having issues with women’s rights.  It also had the factor of proximity.  As a citizen of Massachusetts, but a student in Mississippi, it’s rather scary to me that there could still stories like this in the south.

This story starts with a hard news lead.  Although it is a summary lead, it provides a bit of emotion, describing the court case as wrenching.  Using the quote, “who is dead and how the presence of a fetus changes the equation,” really grabs the readers attention.

The nut graph is the fourth paragraph into the story.  It tells the readers why Munoz was in the hospital, and how long of a fight there has been about whether she would be taken off life support.  It explains that although the doctors did not want to keep her alive, the state of Texas did.

I believe the most memorable take away was a quote from the affidavit given to the court.  In the affidavit, Munoz’s husband spoke about his wife.  “Her usual scent has been replaced by the “smell of death.” And her once lively eyes have become “soulles,” is a quote that really tugs at your heart strings.  It provides the reader with a human that they feel like they can relate to.

This story included quotes from Munoz’s lawyers, a statement from the hospital, and quotes from Erick Munoz in an affidavit.

The article included a video of the court decision.  I would have really liked a video of Erick Munoz and his family talking.  Yet realistically, this would have been hard to accomplish as they would have been upset.  But, this would have brought a very emotional spin to an already horrific story.

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