What Works : “The Creation Museum wants your children”

The title of this story immediately made me want to click on it. For the past couple of weeks, there has been a great deal of buzz about Bill Nye and Ken Ham of the creation museum. With the mention of children in the title, I was interested to see how the reporter was going to talk about the story from the direction of children.

This story is absolutely newsworthy. First of all, it is extremely timely. The debate just occurred this week, but there has been buzz going on for a month. The story also has a sense of oddity. It is not every day you hear about a TV scientist and a creationist museum founder debating each other. Also the idea of children being brought into a debate like this is some what strange.

This story definitely uses a delayed, narrative lead. The author does not even get into the part about the impact on children until the sixth paragraph. The writer pulls you in by first talking about the logistics of the debate. The author talks for a bit about the debaters back and forth, as well as some specific points they make.

The nut graph of the story was the seventh paragraph. Although it is short, this paragraph summarizes the story completely. This paragraph states that the most important thing to the two men was swaying parents. Neither of them wanted to influence current believers as much as they wanted to influence future generations in their decisions.

This story provides a good amount of detail. The author describes most of the main points of the debate. There are a great number of quotes from either side used in the story. I think the best take away from this story is the quote

 “I say that to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe that’s fine,” Nye said in the video, “but don’t have your kids do it because we need them, we need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future.” I think this quote really sticks with certain people. It really talks about the future, but also with a sense of urgency and emotion, creating impact for the reader.

There were five people used for sources in the story. There were the two men in the debate, along with some government officials. There were also old court cases mentioned, as well as statistics about the creation museum. The quotes and statistics provide evidence and strengthen the story. Without the statics for both sides, there would not be a sense of impact in the story.

In the story, there are many slide shows embedded in the text. These are nice because the reader can see photos of the debate, as well as the creation museum. It gives the reader a better understanding of what they are reading about. There are also hyperlinks in the story, giving the reader access to more information about the topic.

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