Oxford To Gain New Business

Starting in Fall 2015, Oxford, Mississippi may not seem as such a small town with the addition of Oxford’s Galleria, including a new Marshalls.

According to the Oxford Business journal, a new addition to the galleria will start being constructed for $35 million. The addition will be bringing more revenue and jobs to the town.

Marshalls department store was founded in 1956, in Boston. Currently, there are stores in 48 states. Yet, Mississippi only offers three, located in South Haven, Jackson, and D’Iberville.

Marshalls’ mission is to have shoppers “never pay full price for fabulous,” according to their website. The only other discount clothing store in Oxford is Goodwill, which is not designer or new. The closest in price range to Marshalls is J.C Penny, but the store does not carry many high end designers.

The store will be a huge hit with college kids. Not only does the department store carry clothing items, but also shoes, and accessories. They also carry house hold items and home décor. This is perfect as most upperclassman students live off campus in apartments. With the number of out- of-state students, the need for these household items is huge, since no one wants to lug kitchen wear across the country.

Many college students are excited about the new business in town. Firstly, there will be more to choose from when shopping. Since Oxford is a college town, most college students are on a budget.

“I am so excited for Marshall’s to open, there’s no where cheap to shop, all the stores on the square are super expensive,” said Freshman Megan Ferguson.

Styles at Marshalls never stay the same for long, and students always have a need to shop. A good deal of students on campus are involved with Greek life, and between swaps or formals, they always are looking for a specific style at a good deal.

“There are themed parties almost every weekend, and I’m going to two formals this year. I don’t have time for a job with my major so I’m always looking for good deals on clothes,” said pre-pharmacy student Alex Dorris.

Not only will the community have more shopping options in town, but also job opportunities. Many students are looking for part time jobs. The store would be right across the street from campus, making it convenient for college students to work part time. According to jobs2career.com, the store is already hiring for part and full time positions.

“I am definitely going to apply, I’m trying to make as much money as possible to save for school, plus it’s so close to campus, the commute would be nothing,” said sophomore Neil Harrington.

The price range of Marshalls is definitely the most appealing to the community. Shopping at stores on the square can cost you a pretty penny. At the boutique “Material Girls”, on the square, a simple tank top will cost you $35. Marshalls sells designer shirts for under ten dollars, depending on brans. This is going to create a great deal of competition for the boutiques on the square.

“I will not be paying a hundred dollars for a formal dress from a boutique any more. No, not if I can get it at Marshalls for a better price,” said Kelsey Downie, a frequent shopper of MisBehavin on the square.

The location of the new galleria addition is key for the students as well. Currently, the O.U.T bus runs every five minutes to and from the Jackson Avenue center. It would only be a short walk for the students to go on over.

The store will not only be good for the students, but for the town itself. The store will bring in revenue for Oxford, as well as creating new jobs. Also, this is away for the town to modernize. While the square may keep up with the trends fashion wise, it has an old time Southern feel. With the new Galleria, the main street will seem more modernized and up to date with other towns in the state.

Marshalls offers men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, as well as house wear, which makes the business appealing to every one in town.

SoundCloud Snippet With Sarah Bradley, Freshman At Ole Miss :


Material Girls : http://shopmaterialgirls.com/bluehaltertop.aspx



Alex Taylor = 212-704-4509

Mara Hershkowitz = 212-642-7756


Oxford Business Journal: http://msbusiness.com/businessblog/2014/01/14/developer-sets-fall-2015-opening-oxfords-galleria-ii/


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