What Works : Amid the Triumphs, an Argument for Tolerance

This article caught my attention via twitter.  While scrolling through my feed, I saw “The Olympics were a success for Vladimir Putin, but they also exposed a less endearing side of Russia”.  I had seen some photos from the Sochi olympics that were not too pleasant so I decided to click on the article and see how this had changed.  The article ended up being a somewhat personal piece and spoke about how the olympics had turned out great, even though there had been some issues with politics.

The first thing that made this article newsworthy was timeliness.  The closing ceremonies occurred yesterday, so the timing is obviously relevant.  Another thing was impact.  Many people around the country were shocked at Russia’s behavior toward gay rights during the Sochi olympics.  As a free country, this certainly had an impact on many Americans.  Finally the article shows oddity.  There has not been this controversy during the Olympic games in quite some time.  The fact that such a happy event for many athletes was clouded with so much political conflict is shocking.

The story uses a narrative lead.  Instead of jumping into the hard facts regarding politics, the author started with talking about the games closing ceremonies.  They then went on to speak about how well the games had actually gone, and what great facilities had come out if it.  She tells the reader how a old vacation town from Stalin’s era had been turned into a beautiful facility.  The author uses a narrative to make this not such a hard news story.  If she had used a hard lead, she would have needed to jump into the issues with politics and the triumphs would have been over looked.

The small seventh paragraph seems to be the nut graph of this story.  It is only two sentences but this paragraph explains why people may be so reluctant to acknowledge the success of the games.  This is the paragraph that leads from the fluffier information about the games to the cold hard facts about policy.

This story provides a great amount of detail, and it was a very interesting read.  I had only heard bad things about the Sochi olympics before hand.  Yet a quote from an American women’s hockey player showed otherwise.  I think the most memorable quote was, “By living together under one roof in the Olympic Village, you send a powerful message from Sochi to the world, a message of a society of peace, tolerance and respect,” from the president of the games.  This quote is great because it not only illustrates how great the games were, but how they can effect policy.

There was a great variety in sources in this story.  A great deal of information is provided from the president of the games and people in charge.  But, we see that the story is not biased by receiving quotes from actual athletes

I’m not sure you actually need any multi media for this story.  It’s a very descriptive piece and the author got some great quotes from both sides.  The only thing I could think of would possibly be a video with highlights from the olympics, showing how policy affected them.

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