Beat Story 3 Story Pitch

Barnes and Nobel at Ole Miss : Keeping the Company Afloat?

I’d like to do my third beat story on the Barnes and Noble at Ole Miss, and how it’s affecting the company as a whole.  For the past few years, sales had been declining with an explosion in the use of tablets and e-readers.  Yet, according to the company’s recent third quarter reports, the company had a 3.9% raise in college earnings during the Spring buying season.  I want to localize the story and see how much students individually are buying at Ole Miss, what the Barnes and Noble on campus brings in for the company, and how this affects the company as a whole.  I would like to see if our individual store is following the national trends.



Press Release From Barnes and Noble Regarding Third Quarter Sales:

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 12.26.17 PM

Manager at the Ole Miss book store and ask:

(662) 915-7137

1.) How much revenue do you bring in a semester?

2.) Recently, have you been selling more e-editions of books, or hard books?

3.) Have you as a store noticed an increase in revenue over this semester?

4.) As a store, do you bring in more revenue in the fall or spring?

Students at Ole Miss:

1.) How much did you spend on books this semester?

2.) Do you typically buy e-editions or hard copies of your text books?

3.) Do you feel like you spend more in the fall or spring?

Professors at Ole Miss:

1.) Do you look at prices when you choose books for your classes?

2.) Do you give the options for students to purchase e-editions or hard copies?

3.) Do you usually require students to have a book?

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