What Works : You Belong With Me; Taylor Swift Profile

I clicked on this headline because of who the profile was about. I’m a Taylor Swift fan and of course I would like to read about her life. I also though it was clever that they used a title of one of her hit songs, also as the title of the profile.

The profile was a huge hit I’m sure. First, it is timely. Although she came into the spotlight in 2006, Taylor Swift is still wildly popular among many demographics. It is natural that many people would want to read this story. Secondly there is the aspect of prominence. Taylor Swift is a huge star in both the pop and country world. Every one knows who she is and many people like to follow what’s going on in her life. Thirdly, there is somewhat of an oddity to the story. She broke through new ground and found a new demographic that enjoyed country music. She created a new market.

The author uses a narrative lead to capture the story. The profile starts off with Swift in the car, on the way to a Gala. This was a great option for a profile. Since the piece is so personal, and all about Swift, the author had to pull the reader in by speaking about a day in the life of Taylor. Also, the quotes the author uses are very personal and come from the heart, pulling the reader in.

The nut graph is the fourth paragraph in. The author speaks about how Swift is the typical girl next door. While the star was headlining her own tours, her proudest accomplishment was getting her CD to be sold in a Starbucks coffee. These facts show how the star really is full of opposites, almost always being in the middle of two characteristics. She’s sexy, but not too sexy, girlish, but not too girlish. The whole point of the profile is how Swift really created something new.

I think the biggest takeaway from the story was when the author described Swift as providing background music for slumber parties and Forever 21. Typically, many young girls, at least across the country, did not typically listen to country music. This detail shows how Taylor Swift changed the country music scene.

The profile does not use too many different sources. Swift is a huge source, giving various quotes and providing a lot of intimate detail to the piece. Another source used was a quote from the Washington Post calling swift “poet laureate of puberty.” This shows how relatable the star actually is. The last source is Forbes magazine, telling how much Swift has made.

I think a video interview would be great for this. Swift is known to be awkward and quirky and seeing it live would really bring the profile to life.

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