What Works : Husband of MH370 passenger wants answers


I clicked on this headline because I have been following the missing flight. The story has obviously a huge emotional appeal with the amount of missing people. I clicked on the headline because I wanted to hear what the husband of a missing passenger has to say about the whole situation.

There are several things that makes this story news worthy. First there is impact, emotionally. This is a story packed with emotion. Hundreds of people are missing with no leads as to where they are. Secondly, this story is timely. The search for the jet is still happening, and it is still being covered in the news. Thirdly, there is a part of the story that illustrates an oddity. Usually planes that go down are found pretty soon after. This plane just disappeared and has still not been found.

A hard news lead is used in this video. There is not much lead-in to the video, and it goes right into the actual interview with the victim’s husband. I think a hard lead was necessary in this case. The story is not a light and fluffy one, and a narrative would be inappropriate. The interview was the most important part and the news anchor needed to get right into it.

The story provides some great emotional detail. The difficult thing about the missing jet story is that there are not too many facts. There is not enough hard information to put into the story. The interview was mainly full of emotions, and questions from a victim’s family. The biggest takeaway was when the husband pleaded with the media to keep the story alive. He asked to keep the story in people’s minds, so that the search can still go on.

There was only one source interviewed for this story, the victim’s husband. I think this was an effective choice. By choosing only one interview subject, it was easier to emotionally connect to the audience, as well as giving the jet story depth.

The whole video was the actual interview with the news anchor. But photos of the victim were shown. For emotional appeal, perhaps the story could have used family photos, as well as commentary from other people that knew her.